Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our cool logo!

Now that the wedding is over, I am happy to share details on our planning, design, etc.  I'll add a tidbit here and there for any interested.  For those planning their own "do-it-yourself" wedding - have FUN!  It is possible and feels so great when feedback comes your way saying "it was SO you!" 

Our friend and go-to graphic designer, Michelle, made us a beautiful logo that we used throughout the wedding.  It was printed on circle labels within Word and were used to seal our invites; on our invites, programs, and all signage; on our blog; and even on temporary tattoos that our friend and bridesmaid, Samantha, had made for the reception!  Yahoo!

m.l.meneghini © 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our little Navester...

I am so sad to post that my best little buddy passed away last evening after a short illness.  Navin (named afterTiger Stadium in Detroit in 1912) passed away suddenly and we miss him so very much.  I will always remember and appreciate his friendship as he has been by my side for almost 13-years. 

Navin, you are now in Heaven with my little Robyn who will continue to love you as you watch over me. 


On our wedding day - 9.4.10
Photo credit: Kat Foley Photography

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We are SO excited to be married!  
A huge thank you to our fabulous friends and family that helped make the day memorable.

Here are some more pics from the day...if you were there and have photos to share, please send them our way!  We are having a great time seeing all your fun shots!


Our girls!

Gibson - our ring bearer!
Our guys!
beautiful dahlias and ladies!
Ceremony & readings

Doughnuts from Washtenaw Dairy!
"Family" tree
"Photo Booth!"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Wedding Party!

Leslie - friend of bride
Maureen - friend of bride
Traci - friend of bride from the deuce

the girls
Erin - sister of the bride
Jen - friend of bride and past roommate in sf
Michelle - friend of bride from college days
Samantha - friend of bride since kindergarten and close family friend
Linnea - friend and "partner in crime" of bride from sf
Jenn - friend of bride and close family friend
Lola - flower girl and niece of bride
Audrey - Maid of Honor and Mother of the Bride

the guys
Howard - brother of groom
Stefan - friend of groom from tennis club
Jack - brother of groom
Jim - friend of groom from tennis club
Andrew - friend of groom since grade school
Steve - friend of groom since kindergarten
Lip - friend of groom and Best Man

Erin - friend of bride
Christina (aka CCRIDER) - friend of bride from sf
Stefan - friend of groom from tennis club

ribbon tying
Barb - cousin of groom
Barb - close family friend of bride

Aaron - brother-in-law of the bride

Jack and Mary Ann - grooms parents
Audrey - brides mother (and MOH)
Dee and Linda - brides father and step-mother

Wedding Festivities

Cake and doughnuts @ work shower
Thanks everyone in ODAR!!  
"Counseling" session with the Right Reverend