Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wedding Wine

Having nice and drinkable wines at the wedding was a must.  Finding something that would serve as a table red and white at a good price was a bit of a challenge.  We ended up buying wine at Trader Joe's for under $10 a bottle!  It took a lot of taste tests to find something in that price range (who's complaining, right?), but we found a winner white and red.  We wanted to personalize the bottles, so Michelle created custom wine labels with our logo and wedding color scheme.  They looked fab!  We also used labels and empty wine bottles (from all our tastings!) for water flavored with fresh cucumber, lemons, and mint. 

The red wine (seen in photo) had their own labels, white, and H20.  I loved the way it tied our designs into the reception. 

Tip: to get the wine labels off the bottles we ran them under warm water making sure not to get the corks wet.  I used a pot scraper to get the label off and as much as the glue as possible.  For stubborn glue marks, Goo Gone worked wonders!